Hand & Forearm

Get a grip (back)

Losing some hand function, from pain, disease, or injury, affects all areas of your life. Surgery can help improve many different conditions and get you back to work—and play.

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Dr. Harris may be able to help with other conditions that limit your hand function such as nerve disorders, hand and forearm injuries, congenital deformities, burns, infections, and workers’ compensation issues.


Dr. Norman Harris has more than 25 years experience as a hand surgeon. Trained at Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Harris earned a subspecialty certificate in hand surgery in 1995 in addition to his certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Inc.

Do I need surgery?

Talk to Dr. Harris and begin a treatment plan as soon as possible. Surgery may help you even if you’ve suffered for years with hand and wrist problems.

What does it cost?

In most cases, insurance covers the cost of  hand and forearm surgery.