Birthmarks & Benign Skin Lesions

Beauty marks aren’t always beautiful

Birthmarks and lesions are harmless, but their placement—on the face or other areas of the body—can be embarrassing or uncomfortable. Most birthmarks and lesions can be removed by surgery; reduced and softened using medication; or lightened with laser treatments.

Birthmarks and benign skin lesions

  • Hemangiomas
  • Melanocytic nevi (“moles”)
  • Lipomas
  • Keratoses

When can you get in?

Call Dr. Harris today to talk about your issue and how he can help. He can often meet with you soon—sometimes the same day, with surgery scheduled soon after.

What does it cost?

Birthmark and benign skin lesion removal may be covered by insurance. Ask your insurance provider for details. Dr. Harris offers a variety of payment options for birthmark  and skin lesion removal.

Benign skin lesions

There are many different kinds of skin lesions, and they can occur on any site throughout the body. Although these lesions are not dangerous to your health,  they may be unsightly or uncomfortable.  If you choose to have a skin lesion removed, Dr. Harris will use techniques to minimize any resulting scar – most of the time the scar is less noticeable than the lesion was to begin with. This is a very common procedure and is performed at Dr. Harris’ facility under local anesthesia.

You don’t need to have unsightly or embarrassing spots on your skin. We can help you get rid of them! Call us:

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