Scars & Keloids

Feel more comfortable.

A scar or keloid can affect your confidence. In a scientific paper, post-operative patients felt higher self-esteem, and greater social and workplace acceptance after plastic surgery to correct body defects.
(“Beauty and the eye of the beholder: Social consequences and personal adjustments for facial patients.” Arndt et al., British Journal of Plastic Surgery 39:81-84 1986)

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When can you get in?

Dr. Harris can meet with you the same week—sometimes the same day—once you call. Surgery can be scheduled soon after.

What does it cost?

The consultation with Dr. Harris is free. At the time of the consultation, you will decide what approach works best for you and all of your questions will be answered. Dr. Harris also offers a variety of payment options to suit your needs.

How long is recovery?

This surgery is usually performed at Dr. Harris’ facility under a local anesthesia. The sutures are typically remove after two weeks. Many patients do not need to miss any work.