Listen and hear with a beautiful ear

You shouldn’t have to grow your hair long or hide your ears. Children especially can feel embarrassed or be teased about protruding ears.

When can you get in?

Dr. Harris can meet with you the same week—sometimes the same day—once you call. Surgery can be scheduled soon after.

What does it cost?

The consultation with Dr. Harris is free. Cosmetic procedures are not usually covered by insurance, but check with your provider. Most of the time, otoplasties are less than $3500, and piercing reconstructions are usually less than $400. Dr. Harris offers a variety of payment options to suit your needs.

How long is recovery?

Sutures are removed at 2 weeks. With ear-piercing reconstructions, Dr. Harris can re-pierce your ears 6 weeks after the operation. For otoplasty procedures, you will need to wear a light headband for about two weeks, and then at night for two more months to support your ears in their new position.